Swedish Blacksmithing

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Artikelnr: 2001. Kategorier: , . Taggar: , .

Författare: Enander, Norén.
Förlag: Nielsen & &Norén.
Bandtyp: Limäftad.
Utgivningsland: Sweden.
Språk: English.
Utgiven: 2008.
Antal sidor: 224.

Product Description

En engelsk textad bok om smide.
The book Swedish Blacksmithingit’s a translation of a book about basic blacksmithing, which has been available in Sweden since 1998.

It was born out of the need for an easily accessible, but still professionally structured, description of how to hand forge and is written in the form of a dialogue between a master blacksmith and his apprentice.

By combining the dialogue with nearly 400 drawings of the process steps and techniques required in blacksmithing, we’ve created a unique learning tool. You’ll experience the joy of being able to forge on your own!


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